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It is said that if you can remember the Sixties you weren't there. Well, I do remember those halcyon days and I certainly was there!

It was the decade of colour, innovative music and when the concept of youth culture was used for the first time.

For my part, it was whilst as an art student that the legendary Jimi Hendrix exploded into our lives and spawned a generation of wannabe rock guitarists. Having already learned some music theory I discarded my ideas of a career in art and formed a band - actually many bands over the next few years. In the early seventies I joined a pro band in London and experienced life on the road in what was a hard working group. The band had missed an opportunity to appear on Hughie Green's Opportunity Knocks but recorded a song  for Philips written by a member of Status Quo. I still own my very scratched demo disc! The band played the club circuit which included Caesars Palace where we were on the bill with the likes of Les Dawson and Spike Milligan. We also featured at the Astor Club in London - which was famous for all the wrong reasons! We played the US airbases where we supported a few of the American soul stars of the day including Sam and Dave, The Stylistics, The Temptations, Freda Payne, and the Detroit Emeralds. By the mid-seventies I had decided that a life on the road was not for me and returned to my idea of a life in art. This has been my principal career for the past forty odd years.

Since the new millennium, technological advancement in music production together with internet recourses  and social media have taken the music business to an entirely new level.

It is thanks to this that I am able to write and record music and bring it to the public arena as never before.

Enjoy the music.

photo’s if you’re really curious..

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Strange Affair

Jassy Blue



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take another chance

stir it down

heart is ok


Take Another Heart is Vibra Stir it

Heart is Ok


Tracks may be downloaded from Reverbnation.

Feel the Embrace (dance mix)