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Phil johns 2017

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During 2015, after 40-odd years as a professional artist, I decided to retire from full-time painting. Whilst this might sound an unusual decision from an artist, this did not mean that I would no longer make art but simply depart from what had become something of a treadmill and return to my youthful passion for making music and, to be honest, to slow down a bit. My early career as an illustrator/designer required numerous styles of artistic expression depending on the job in hand so versatility was an essential ingredient for continued success. I had adopted the same work ethic when turning to painting full-time and my 'back catalogue' is, therefore, both varied in subject material and artistic language.  

So, I am devoting this site to be a sort of aide-mémoire containing a token number of images as well as adding new things as and when they happen in future - and don't forget to check out the music! Thanks for looking.